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We help organisations pro bono to embed ethical, responsible and sustainable behaviours throughout their workforce via a variety of training, coaching and mentoring programmes.


Our programmes explain the legal, business and social rationale behind sustainability, the policies and processes needed to implement them and how to engage your employees behind a single shared purpose.


Our courses are written and delivered by highly experienced, expert and accredited sustainability experts (IEMA - clarify)


The courses can be tailoured for every client according to need and availability – from off-the-shelf training modules to group coaching and one-to-one mentoring.


We make every use of technology to deliver accessible, dynamic and adaptable courses  – from webinars to on-line brochures and even branded apps.


We are expert in the political, social and economic drivers of sustainable behaviours as well as the latest industry best practice and technical, legal and regulatory requirements.


Our courses reflect different disciplines, levels of seniority and specialisations within your organisation – from the board to apprentices, from the marketing team to the supply chain.


Our course content can be adapted to be integrated into your broader communications and reporting materials, aimed at internal and external, media and stakeholder audiences.

We are highly experienced consultants with extensive knowledge of sustainability in business, academia and politics

inder portrait

Inder Poonaji


A pioneering international Sustainability, CSR and Change Management strategist creating innovative programmes, integrating organisation systems and stakeholders. IEMA Fellow.

Matthew portrait

Matthew Orman


A highly experienced Public Affairs consultant with a background writing, speaking and advising about EU and UK environmental policy-making, CSR consultancy and sustainable businesses.

We constantly research, debate publish and speak about the critical sustainability issues facing businesses today.


Plastic Tool Kit

04 April 2019

International Women's Day

To celebrate World Women's Day we have developed a toolbox to help organisations understand the issues at stake, what they should do about it and how to press for continuous change

To celebrate World Women's Day we have developed a toolbox to help organisations understand the issues at stake, what they should do about it and how to press for continuous change


The Election and Environment Policy

13 June 2017

After an election campaign during which the environment scarcely got a mention, what role will green policy play in the upcoming administration with a new minister, new parliament and the shadow of Brexit looming above it?


Modern Slavery

1 March 2017

Now the Modern Slavery Act is up and running, what impact has it had on the way businesses manage their operations and those of their supply chain?  What more can they do to stamp out one of the great unexposed tragedies of the 21st Century?


Brexit and Environment Policy: The Seven Key Battlegrounds

9 May 2017

What role with environment policy play in the EU exit negotiations?Seven separate but overlapping battlegrounds in particular spring to mind:


Brexit & Sustainable Food

15 March 2017

As the reality of Brexit starts to dawn, what impact will it have on the way our food is grown, imported, subsidised and sold?  Will Brexit usher in a new era of food that is healthy and home-grown or unaffordable and unnatural?


The UN Sustainability Goals & your Business

21 February 2017

After an underwhelming first year for the Sustainable Development Goals, what should businesses be doing to take up the mantle that the UN has passed to them to ensure a lasting impact?  

We organise events with like-minded professionals who share our beliefs about embedding sustainable practise.

We see sustainability as an environmental, social but above all business imperative - a 'must have’ component of any organisation that wishes to attract the best customers, investment and employees 

It is a platform to drive improvements to their reputations, their communities, their bottom line and the well-being of their workforce. 

As such we want to work only with organisations and people willing to build brands with a genuine sustainability purpose.  

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